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Unlock the Keys to Absolutely Irresistible Blog Titles

Unlock the Keys to Absolutely Irresistible Blog Titles | Google Plus and Social SEO |
Blog post at Rebekah Radice : Blog titles have incredible power.

Within seconds, the right words can challenge readers to take action, and ignite a flurry of social m[..]
Neil Ferree's insight:

Another excellent article with your perfect personal branding imagery that has  +Rebekah Radice written all over it.

We know the Title play a key role since it impacts so many seo metrics and that by having the same H1 Title with congruent content and context on multiple social channels → this  reinforces the notion that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole especially if your title looks something like this;

Content Marketing System Best Practices

In this case, 5 of my social channels rank on page 1 of Google for this long tail keyword phrase.

  1. WordPress
  3. SlideShare
  4. YouTube
  5. Hoverpost
  6. Vimeo
The same thing only different for these semantic search longtail Q&A titles
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Google Plus and Social SEO
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