Google Plus and Social SEO
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onto Google Plus and Social SEO!

Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus

Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus | Google Plus and Social SEO |
If you are keen to use social media for marketing then Google+ will connect you to the right people with whom you want to build relationships.
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Google Plus and Social Media Marketing

Part 1 Using Google+ to build lasting relationships
Part 2 Meeting in 'the real world' changes everything
Part 3 How to enable other people to amplify you and your content

Back in the day, you could write a check for $1500 and get a bunch of irrelevant backlinks to your site, a couple of 300-500 word articles spun 200 times, posted to 200 article directories, a few PR releases and the SEO shop from India would do this all while you slept. 

Enter Panda and Penguin and Hummingbird. All of the above are toast (unless) you're fearless and getting whacked by Google doesn't bother you? 

You cannot outsource relationships. These days, to successfully compete online, you have to put in the time and effort and build your relationships the right way and this article by martin shervington will help guide you through the process!

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Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus

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Google + have revolutionized the way social media works for marketing, providing simple and flexible tools which are easy to use for anybody interested in marketing. Most marketers don't find it easy to use social media tools for marketing especially the popular social networking sites that provide limited supports in accessing the mass and preaching their products.

Google Plus and Social SEO
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