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Adapting to Changing Trends in Online Attorney Search

Adapting to Changing Trends in Online Attorney Search | Google Plus and Social SEO |
Injury attorney Jonathan Roesenfeld discusses the semantic web and quality changes that firms and solos must embrace in order to succeed online.

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Neil Ferree's insight:

Great advice by @Jonathan Rosenfeldon why law firms need to have a semantic web strategy and content marketing plan, so as to replace the old school link building model with his quality changes. 

I like that it confirms my theory that links have replaced by a newer model based on social shares and social signals for quality scoring. Author Rank will probably replace Pagerank before too long?

You are the Brand Your Rich Snippet is your New Personal Logo 

Social Shares is the new SEO vs. suspicious backlinks?

Its cool that this re-scooped story comes along at the same time as @Scoop.itcrosses the 1 million registered users this week.

Having a well tuned content marketing system is going to be key! 

Jeffrey Lapin's curator insight, April 10, 2014 4:08 PM

Adapting to Changing Trends in Online Attorney Search


Very informative article by Jonathan Rosenfeld (via Circle of Legal Trust) about online legal marketing.


The summary is excellent:


"Search engines are changing. This is inevitable because the Internet itself is changing ... The trick is to adapt so that your website can remain at the top of every search. If possible, dedicate an employee, or at least a significant amount of one’s time, to work on assembling genuine content to match what users are browsing for on the web ... Move on from trying to link your site to every other site, and focus on authentically building up your own to make it stand out from the pack."

Google Plus and Social SEO
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