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5 Free Tools for Seeing the Analytics of Any Website

5 Free Tools for Seeing the Analytics of Any Website | Google Plus and Social SEO |

Here are five free tools, available to anyone. Just plug in the web address of your competitor. Some of these analytic tools are more accurate than others.

Alexa and Compete don’t include traffic levels in their free versions.

So here’s a report from

Keep in mind that estimates may be way off, especially for smaller, lower traffic websites.

Neil Ferree's insight:

I compared 10 social media blogs using Alexa and SimilarWeb for:

  • Total Visits
  • Page Views
  • Time on Site
  • Bounce Rate

I posted my findings on my SlideShare Deck with the title of the deck being 10 Social Media Blogs You Should Follow.

As Andy said in his article, estimates may be way off, especially for smaller lower traffic sites.

I was surprised to see the bounce rate, time on site and page views for some of these big popular blogs were not very impressive

The Free Tools I use to Rank and Score a Website include:

At a minimum, you should scan your own website using each of these tools above and compare the results with your Google Analytics stats for accuracy.

At the end of the day, all this analytics stuff doesn't mean squat if your content marketing strategy isn't working for you. Here's how to fix it!

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Google Plus and Social SEO
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