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5 Clever Ways to Get Customer Reviews That Convert

5 Clever Ways to Get Customer Reviews That Convert | Google Plus and Social SEO |
How do you get customer reviews that help you achieve conversion rates as high as 68.7%? We unveil 5 clever ways that are guaranteed to work.
Neil Ferree's insight:

#4: Lead the Witness

Sometimes the easiest way to get a testimonial is to simply ask for it. Moreover, you may actually want to write something for your customer.

If you do write a testimonial for the customer, make sure you get their approval (obvious, I know) and that you don’t sound overly promotional.

You want to treat the testimonial like a case study. Talk about the problems that you helped the customer solve rather than talking about the generalities of your product or business.

It helps if you can provide measurable results with a 5 Star Review

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