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How to Publish Content that Drives Audience Anticipation

How to Publish Content that Drives Audience Anticipation | Google Plus and Social SEO |
Too many content marketers seem to struggle with building a consistent audience. Find out how to build a consistent format and publish content that drives audience anticipation.
Neil Ferree's insight:

Why does the Man Cave work?

The Man Cave works for three simple reasons:

  1. A smart hook: JK has used a visual marker (the black-and-white photo and a handwritten word) to trigger my weekly anticipation for his written content.
  2. An appointment: JK has set an appointment that Facebook fans like me look forward to attending. Consciously or not, we’ve come to expect a Man Cave post every single week, and we deliberately seek it out.
  3. Consistent delivery: JK delivers on the promise of his Man Cave posts week in and week out, and he doesn’t stray from the formula that has brought his success.
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Google Plus and Social SEO
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