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How Google Author Rank could change content marketing… and journalism

How Google Author Rank could change content marketing… and journalism | Google Plus and Social SEO |
Here’s a little piece of SEO nerdery that affects us all: Google is using Google+ to influence search results in a big way, and brands and media organizations alike have yet to wake up to the...

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Neil Ferree's insight:

Erin Griffith analyzes how the use of authorships combined with Google+ is now impacting Google search results.


This change is not new but, as she puts it, it is significant: "Google was always about the algorithm, not curation, certainly not curation through something as, well, human as a social network. The emphasis before was about what was on the page not who wrote it."


While she focuses on the new importance of authorship given by Google, what's happening is actually a mix of a couple of things which are in my opinion equally good: 


AuthorshipSocial results


#1 means that an identified, reputable author will prevail; #2 is part of the social signal that Google uses more and more to rank results and that builds on curators' activity.


Bottom line is that - as I predicted a while ago - the age of low-quality content cheaply produced by random anonymous writers in content farms for pure SEO purposes is over. By combining a measure of the author's influence as well as taking into account curators' appetite for a piece of content, Google is bringing quality back in the game. Which is good for authors, curators and... readers.

Laura Brown's comment, January 28, 2013 1:49 AM
I fixed up the Author Rank last week on all my sites. I think it is far more reliable than the old Page Rank plan.
Laura Brown's comment, January 28, 2013 1:49 AM
At least for another six months when some scammer will figoure out how to work around it.
Andre van Wyk's curator insight, February 26, 2013 4:49 AM

I think people will now have to sit up and take notice, especially the naysayers ....

Google Plus and Social SEO
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