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Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013

Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013 | Google Plus and Social SEO |

2012 is coming to an end and Google has been very active with the latest Panda and Penguin updates during this year.


Indeed, search engine optimization is a moving target of every webmaster competing for traffic! In this article, we will discuss five projections by SEO experts around the globe.


What might Google come up with in 2013? Let’s find out!


Top 5 SEO Projections:


1. Google Author Rank markup will be the basis of ranking.

2. Guest posting will be devalued by Google.

3. Social signals will highly affect the SERPs.

4. Highly increasing personalized search results will be recognized.

5. Technical parameters such as page titles and descriptions will have greater bearing in SEO.


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As *Social Shares* and *Social Signals* continue to impact search rankings the ability to create amazing content and promote it on social media is becoming the most important skill an internet marketer must have. In 2013, social signals will likely eclipse link building as a key ranking factor.

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Google Plus and Social SEO
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