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5 Mobile Video Apps to Boost Online Engagement | Social Media Examiner

5 Mobile Video Apps to Boost Online Engagement | Social Media Examiner | All-in-One Social Media News |
Video apps: Discover 5 video apps to boost your online engagement and market your business.
Mike Macey's insight:

Mobile has surpassed desktop for search.  Is your competitor using video?  It is reported that YouTube (owned by Google) is ranked #2 is search and #3 most visited. 

When you upload a video on YouTube, the service produces a transcript.  Did you know you can edit the transcript to add keywords that match blog post and together they can increase postential for higher ranking on Google search?

These are great tools to assist in building your brand.  Creating videos and keyword text on the fly is as important as knowing how to fill out a deposit slip on the way to the bank.  It's your business.

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Scooped by Mike Macey!

The Marketer’s Guide To Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter

The Marketer’s Guide To Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter | All-in-One Social Media News |

By Shea Bennett on April 30, 2012 8:00 AM

For the third consecutive year, have released their CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officer’s) Guide To The Social Landscape.

Five new members have made the roster this year, including Pinterest and Google+.

The infographic is presented below in full. However, if you visit the CMO website the visual can be sorted by customer communication, brand exposure, site traffic and SEO. Somewhat surprisingly, CMO rated Google+ as the top social network in three of these categories, with Twitter securing the number one spot in site traffic.*

Still, this is a useful one-stop summary of the pros and cons of the different social networks, and a fantastic resource for both brands and marketers.

View interactive [INFOGRAPHIC] 

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