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Google Lit Trips: Reading About Reading
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Google for Education

Google for Education | Google Lit Trips: Reading About Reading |

"We're excited to share the release of our new Google for Education Learning Center to support the training and professional development of teachers globally.  


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28 January 2014


Today Google announced an entirely new "Google for Education" website, complete with extensive support for Google Apps tools, information about programs, lots of training resources, Stories and news specific to Google tools in Education.


Very proud to have discovered the image above from the Google Lit Trip for The Grapes of Wrath used to introduce one of the training videos in the  Google Maps for Education tutorials area.


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Ken Zimmerman's curator insight, January 29, 7:52 AM

Check out this new Google for Education resource page!

Bodil Hernesvold's curator insight, January 29, 10:32 AM

Ingen vei utenom Google, vel. Dette er noe jeg må se nærmere på hva

Carol Rine's curator insight, January 29, 1:20 PM

Google for Education Learning Center! And the magnificent Google LitTrips. #fetc #edtech #DIYLearning.

Scooped by GoogleLitTrips Reading List!

Kate Stone: DJ decks made of... paper | Video on

"I love paper, and I love technology," says physicist and former sheep herder Kate Stone, who's spent the past decade working to unite the two.
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How intriguing is this?


The potential for use and abuse are certainly there. A good reminder that it may not be the technology itself that is useful or abusable so much as it is the motivations behind the use and abuse of technology by those who "see" potential benefit and those who see potential personal gain.


Kind of hope that the paper publishing industry does not feel the need to load the outer margins of print materials, you know the edges where we naturally hold a book open or where we tend to grasp a page when turning to the next page, with advertisements.


And, of course it should be noted that this sort of abuse is just as much a potential abuse of today's digital readers.


But, let us not put on blinders simply because we can envision a good idea having a downside. 


Those downsides may be an invitation to consider how we model the value of establishing parameters upon our opinions while at the same time being open to the potential possibilities and problems of new technologies.


And, truthfully, there's really nothing new about this predicament is there?


And for reasons I don't know, this reminds me that my favorite part of teaching Persuasive Essay writing was the importance of including an honest and fair concession paragraph.


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