Stop Focusing on your Facebook PAGE | "#Google+, +1, Facebook, Twitter, Scoop, Foursquare, Empire Avenue, Klout and more" |

This is a dangerous topic and I’m heading down a steep slope on this one as people may misunderstand, but it’s important to get it out anyway. Your Facebook page is important to you business, but it should only account for a small portion of your social media marketing day.




Most businesses that we work with have a strong leaning towards Facebook, just as they should. Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, even Google+ have a role in the social media strategy for most businesses, but Facebook covers most of the needs simply because it’s where most of the people spend most of their social media time. The challenge is no longer with convincing business to use Facebook. It’s in getting them to stop thinking that their Facebook page is their Facebook presence...

Via Martin Gysler