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This is an insightful piece by Jon Evans for Techcrunch


Intro: He asks.....


"Is this a contrarian view? I can't even tell any more. On one hand, Google Plus now has 40 million users, it's the fastest-growing social-networking site in history, and its users have uploaded 3.4 billion photos."


Here's what caught my attention:


Can Facebook seamlessly do both, and be all things to all people?


Maybe, but that’s not the direction they’re going.


****Ironically, they’re doing things “the Google way,” betting on sweeping algorithmic solutions with their Smart Lists and Top Stories,


****while Google seems to be building G+ “the Facebook way,”


****around personal curation and social selection.


****The key difference is that, as moot aka Christopher Poole said the other day,


****our identities — and our relationships — are prisms rather than mirrors, multi-faceted rather than black & white.


Google Plus acknowledges this in a way Facebook doesn’t, and that’s a big part of why I believe it will ultimately succeed.


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