7 Social Media Challenges You Will Have to Overcome | "#Google+, +1, Facebook, Twitter, Scoop, Foursquare, Empire Avenue, Klout and more" | Scoop.it

Social media is an opportunity. It is also a challenge. It’s often said that social media is perhaps one of the most powerful modern age business tools. With power comes responsibility and social media is no exception to that rule. From a business perspective, social media opens up a new world of opportunities and it’s exciting as well as crucial to keep pace with the latest changes on the social media front.


I’m often asked about what I consider as the biggest social media challenges that businesses need to overcome. I often iterate that social media isn’t a shortcut to success and using social media for business gains is no walk in the park. There are challenges which need to be dealt with and opportunities which need to be capitalized upon. In my opinion, businesses need to overcome the following 7 social media challenges to make the most of this opportunity...

Via Martin Gysler