Golden Corral Coupons May 2013
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Golden Corral Coupons May  2013
Click on the LInk to save up to 50% with Golden Corral Coupons May 2013 --- -- Golden Corral Coupons May 2013 - Golden Corral Coupons May 2013 : Before, you decide that you want free coupons. You need to use a site that not only offers printable golden corral coupons. But loads of another free coupons, that you can use to save money off your steaks, chicken and seafood. At the moment there is a real people really need to save money.Remember, it is very simple and very easy to save money by using coupons, They can be used on most Golden Corral items you wish to buy from Golden Corral and you can get your coupons for golden corral buffet by clicking on the link right above or below and entering your zip code to match your coupons to your area.Its time to save money, with this very bad economy, more and more people from the USA are turning towards coupons. Now that it is 2010 it has become very easy to reduce the amount you spend. With these free coupons for the family restaurant.Print Your Free Golden Corral Coupons HereThere are many who need these coupons, so don't waste them. They can help you save that extra bit of money every week, on your childs birthday party. It has never been easier to use and print off a free coupon.The printable golden corral coupons are one of the most popular coupons online as as these coupons offer a great reduction of the price, giving you a bigger discount.In an effort to help parents safeguard their children, Scott Van Kirk, owner of the Golden Corral restaurant, is offering the GuardianKIDS I.D. Program to families in Noblesville and the surrounding area. This free program, which is part of the restaurant’s “Making a Difference” campaign, will be held on the following dates: Jan. 22, Jan. 24, Feb. 5 and Feb. 7 from 4 to 8 p.m., and on Jan. 26 and Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.“No parent should ever have to go through the nightmare of having their child go missing,” says Van Kirk. “As a parent of four children with a fifth on the way, I want to take all steps possible to insure my children’s safety. That’s why I’m offering the GuardianKIDS I.D. program to families in the Noblesville area.” For each child participating in the program, parents will receive one Bio-Doc that contains the child’s photograph and accurate fingerprints. Also, parents can record their child’s vital information on the Bio-Doc form. With the program’s state-of-the-art equipment and software, children as young as three months old can be photographed and fingerprinted. The information contained on the Bio-Doc will help the police in recovering the child in the event that he or she goes missing.Additionally, parents will receive safety information, instructions for collecting DNA samples from their child, and a step-by-step procedure detailing what they should do if their child goes missing.“I think every parent has had some moment in their life when they’ve lost their child while they were out,” says Van Kirk. “When our daughter was five, she went missing at a carnival. It was the longest 10 minutes of our lives. We were in a panic as we ran around trying to find her. It was a horrible situation.”During times like that all you can think of is the heartbreaking stories you see on TV and in the news about children who have gone missing, Van Kirk adds. And you hope you will find your child soon, safe and sound.While no parent wants to lose their child, a GuardianKIDS I.D. Program Bio-Doc can provide parents with peace of mind since they will know that their child’s personal information is recorded in case of an emergency.
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