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GetAtMe: JEEZY blisters HOT97 SUMMERJAM and I mean he got down

GetAtMe:  JEEZY blisters HOT97 SUMMERJAM and I mean he got down | GetAtMe |

Jezzy at Hot97 SummerJam was out of control.  Jeezy gave a performance that rocked SummerJam last night.  During the whole performance the chatroom in UStream was going ballistic (with over 750,000 viewers at one time online WOW).  During "I Do" at one point the whole chatroom page was covered in IDoIDoIDOIDO.  It was crazy.  Check out this performance on Ustream and YouTube you will really enjoy it. 


You know in a time when many artist hit the stage and it's just a bunch of their boys jumping up and down on the mike, Jeezy gave New York a real church moment (I was in shock and as quietly as it seem to be being kept, so was New York.  Nas was cool but the energy was not the same following Jeezy, #ImJustSayin).


It amazes me that the lead story for the show was Nikki and Lil Wayne not showing up.  Man really though, there was no reason to show up after Jeezy's performance and The Cash Money Camp knew this (what star really wanted to follow that performance for real).  We keep it real hear at GetAtMe and my hat's off to Jeezy who once again showing everyone, he could stand the rain and stand tall.  This performance was classic.  It's a shame that Cash Money didn't show because they really have the tools to shine for real ( no matter what anyone feel, Cash Money is the truth and have the Rings and the belts to show it).  Come on let's get a Cash Money and Jeezy Tour on the road.  Yo do this one for the fans.  Fuck the money (#I'mRichBitch).  Make this happen for the fans and the business on the whole.


Jeezy, you got down #GetAtMe 

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