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WBFA-FM is COLUMBUS' #1 FOR HIPHOP & R&B featuring Urban radio live from Columbus, Ga at thebeatcolumbus.com...  i


Todays Stationis is 98.5 The Beat in Columbus Ga.  Once more this station is very music oriented in the daypart.  The evening show sounds more like a morning show (which is cool).  The Beat is really music oriented.  Ricky Smiley is cool in the morning and it is really economical to syndicate the morning shows but radio has got to remember that their format is music and personality driven.  Both walk hand in hand.  It's the uniqueness in the market programming, that makes your station valuable to that market.  The people in Columbus Ga want to hear their favorite music in their market.  I hear a lot of music on this station.  The programming is functionable.  I wonder if  we are hearing Columbus Ga or just the rest of the current music in the national market.


Columbus is just like Fayetteville NC and Augusta Ga, strong military towns with very transient markets but these 3 markets are very unique (as their music should also be showing the uniqueness of each market.  Markets like Columbus are shadowed by Atlanta but in the past they always had their own uniqueness.  Music and personality is your inventory  and your product.  If I'm a national media buyer I'm wonderiing what's different about your station and market that you will help mw push my product (Hint You station personaity).  Radio, that's your mission at the end of the day.


This station is current on the music.  That's cool but to have your morning show in the evening is really late in the day to market.   I need my product sold all day every day part and I would always be way more comfortable with the middays being the market transition (from syndication to local) and My middays gotta show up and show out.  I'm not saying this station didn't do that I'm saying I was hearing so much music that the personaities got lost.  Columbus Ga is a great market with it's own personality.  We'll see in the next few days


Program Director Lil D

Music Director LIL D.