Jackbona A grown mans point of view to this rap thang | GetAtMe | Scoop.it

Jackbona has been in this rap thang for a minute.   He has seen rap and music go from one phase to another.  "Man I just want to bring the gentleman's side to this thang" Jack said.  "I grew up when you had artist who were singer and rapper who had a gentlemans swag and I want to bring that back to the game."  Jack's new single "NoNoNo" is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SqBjtgihCE.   on Kolossal Music.  Go check it out. 

"Music is to important to our culture and our being not to have different options on how we view it" Jack said. "It's cool for other rappers to do their thing, I just want to give this game some balance."

Go check out JackBona's FB page (The_JackBona) and his twitter and Instagram also @the_jackbona.   Its #TheJackBonaEra.