TheGetAtMe3pcSnack on Our spotlight winner tonight JayElectronica ft JayZ "WeMadeIt" freestyle remix | GetAtMe |

 Ok here's how it went on tonight's show Jay Electronica's freestyle remix ft JayZ (all the buzz last week about JayZ's lyrics dissing Drake.  Was this some #HipHopWWE) took the top spot with a rank of 16.6.  Kwame and Wingz both loved this cut.  JColes' "NewYorkTimes" came in at #2 with a rank of 14 (this JCole cut is hot as were the features by 50Cent and Bas.  #GreatSong) and we wound up the night with Jhene Aiko's "TheWorst" Raekwon remix getting a 13.6 rank (all above average ranks.  usually every song raned is around 12pts).  Wingz gave a great ranking emphasizing that this song was a strong street and mixtape song.  At the end of the day Jay Electronica takes the top rank.