I love tv.  I love entertainment.  I love stories.  In the new STARZ series "BOSS" starring Kelsey Grammer, well let's just say, it that thang.  Great entertainment along with great acting and a great story.  A classic story with all the intrigue and drama of a great Shakesperian play.  And in all great plays that last, the story always ask the audience an important question.  In the case of "BOSS" the question that rings for me is "Are you a spectator?"  In a scolding moment the mayor of Chicago (Kelsey Grammer) explains to s staffer about how noone cares about the spectator, only the doers.

This is so true.  There are plenty of sideline coaches in life.  Do this, don't do that ect, ect. You have to really be wary of these folkes.  Usually they are giving their counsel as a way of experimenting with your time (backdoor pimping).  One thing about doing, you will at least have a result and with a result you can draw your own conclusion.

In the show these comments were directed at todays voters.  Today voter sometimes have all the answers but no way to fund their agenda.  Agendas have to be funded or they will just be ideas that never got off the ground.  If you see wrong and you want to fix it, in a world of power players you have to have the leverage to make it worth their time to focus on your situation.  Agendas have to be funded.

So are you a spectator, a sideline quarterback or can you get in the mix, roll up your sleeve and fight the good fight.  The reason politicians are so bad is because they know that most don't want the responsibility of doing the work of doing the right thing.  So they give people what they know they will take.  If you live in an apartment, where does the money come from for your child to go to school (schools usually are funded through property taxes from homeowners and commercial property).  As a spectator, you don't care as long as the tab don't hit your pocket.  But Mr. Spectator it still has to be paid, kids still need to go to school.  Mr spectator knows that kids still need to go to school but it's way more entertaining to worry about the illuminate ( you see my point).  So let's all roll up our sleeves and do less spectating and more developing in the areas of urban growth, education, medicine and whatever else we need to do to get American back to being doers and less spectating.