GetAtMe- Is Jhene Aiko HipHop's Sade? | GetAtMe |

Jhene Aiko has a hit song  “The Worst”.  Jhene Aiko has a lot of online currency (I mean she’s all over Tumblr and IG).  Jhene Aiko has been around a moment, featured with a lot of rappers and now may have grown out of the title of being HipHop’s exotic girl next door crush to maybe Hiphop’s new Sade.

Sade hits always had a hint of Bilie Holliday’s struggle, a cabaret singer’s darkness and the cool fans adoration.  Jhene Aiko embraces all of these qualities on this cut and most of her music

Listening to her and Drake is like sneaking a peak in your child’s diaries and  finding out that they are way to deep.  It works for their fans and generation and this lady is getter better at it by the song.

So yeah she is probably HipHop new Sade with a maximum twist of Jhene.

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