GetAtMe:FriendsWithBenefits-Kitty Shine- "Let Me Find Out" Doe B ft T.I. & Juicy J | GetAtMe |

This a Tennesse, Alabama, Atlanta connection homeboy

[Verse 1 : Doe B]
Let me find out these niggas still hating on the low
And their whole life savings I get paid for a show
Their re-up, that's my walk-through
My sneakers, there they house note
Think I need a whole thang of Keisha just to talk to 'em
Small town, big money, baby I make boss moves
They say Doe B lane is like T-Pain without the autotune
Bring out the Apollo boom
I'mma sandman these niggas 
Give you 2 thumbs down
Boy, your swag ain't official
Let me find out them fake Guccis
Let me find out them fake Louis
Let me find out your baby mama is a man-eater, she ate my children 
Let me find out you fake juug and I come through like : Aye buddy
You 25, just started trapping
Let me find out you straight rookie
Taylor Gang, straight trippy
Hustle Gang what it is, pimping ?
Got so many white friends I bring back Tommy Hilfiger
ATL, let me find out
Memphis Ten', let me find out
M.I.A., N-Y-C, Texas, Cali, Chi-Town

[Hook x2]
Let me find out
Let me find out
Nigga let me find out
Let me find