Born Sinner is available now. Go and buy it: J. Cole ft. TLC - Crooked Smile (LYRICS)


Oooh Weee we on a roll.  This is another great cut waiting to break into the market.  This thing here.  Its no doubt about it J Cole and Kendrick Lamar is owning the block right now.  Everyone else just playing.  This cut was a surprise.  The beat is hot and that base line, (boy that thing is hard),  Here's the stats:

THE TRACK- 5($$$$$) After "Power Trip" you had to wonder what's next? Now you know

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) J Cole brings it home. Great wordplay and the delivery is superb.

MUSCLE- 3($$$) this is not a street song but it will emerge in the streets and online

JUICE- 3($$$) all I can say is radio, don't play around on this.  You don't need Little Wayne on this for it to be a hit.

TIMING- 4($$$$) after "Power Trip" this is a smokin follwup

THE SONG- 5($$$$$) If I didn't know better I would have thought this was a gospel song.  Its has the fully loose feel that southern gospel groups have when they perform.  From the contrepuntal arrangements (the real music folkes will get that statement) to the choiry (is choiry a word?) background vocals, this song is tight.  This is definately a GetAtMe GoGetter

TOTAL- 25 pts out of 30 (grade B+) This song got a great grade just on the strenght.  Its a Hit.