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GetAtMe:   Vanjess is Vanjess what’s wrong with this industry?

About a year and a half ago when I was researching for TheGetAtMeShow, I heard a group doing covers on you tube and all I could say was “wow”.  I’m sure by now my readers know how much I love finding diamonds like VanJess.  Young, raw passionate talent that can’t wait for the marketplace to find them as an artist.  These girls are exceptionally marketable.  So why aren’t they signed?  Who knows, but what I do know is since they don’t have a hard copy single in some kind of retail traffic area then their exposure is limited to the people who see them online (and buddy that’s a lot of people).  I don’t who these ladies have spoken with or who’s gotten at them from the label, but what I do know is this.  They’re not signed.

You see when we had hard copy singles in the malls and stores around the country, trust VanJess would have been broken.  Here’s why.  Some sales associates would have loved them and that sales associates would have just not said check these girls out, they would have sold the product at an affordable entry price to the consumers (especially the young consumers who $2.00 didn’t mean that much (It’s just $2.00).  For online to work you have to have a debt card or credit card or some thing to make a 99 cent purchase.  So my thought’s (and the thoughts of many young consumers, our core market) “I’ll just watch it on youtube”.  We damn near trained our market not to buy.  Why because someone who thought they were smart complicated the buying process and hencefort it proved to be not really a good idea for small independent artist on the rise.

VanJess is the truth and in the days when we had real hard copy singles, they would have been a hit selling act by now.  I amazes me that people  who are supposed to be such bright music industry folks don’t see this.  Was the lack of singles a conspiracy where the greedy exec created this void so that they could introduce the villainess “360 Deal”.  Naw it was just a dumbass method to market approach that no one has had the courage to change. 

VanJess will keep doing their thing (these ladies are tenacious).  Hopefully through continued online support and them gigging, someone at the labels who is really looking for that next big thang.  Looks at VanJess and says “There it is”.

I’m ReggieRedd and GetAtMe