GetAtMe: FriendsWithBenefits-LASHONTAE HECKFORD- "Love Me Or Hate Me"  Lil Wayne | GetAtMe |

"Love Me Or Hate Me"

I've been through it all,
the fails, the falls.
I'm like Niagara
but I got right back up like Viagra.
I am agriculture.
Swagger so mean, it might insult you.
Ha, I'm like an ultra vulture.
I fuck around and catapult ya.
Torch ya, thought ya
parents taught ya.
You guys is chocha, I'm gone.
Buenos Noches.
Flow, scorch ya.
And I don't even write.
No, author.
So, harder.
So, smarter.
All about a dollar,
like 4, quarters.
Oh, father.
Will tonight be my last?
And if so, make sure my kids see my cash,
and I know, I'm solid like an elbow cast.
And my future will be better than my past. Weezy!

You could love me or hate me,
I swear it won't make me or break me.
I'm goin where ever the money take me,
until they funeral and wake me, and don't wake me.
Cause I'm sleepin', I'm dreamin',
I know that there's a better way cause I've seen it, lord,
but this faster money is so convenient.
And I need it, say I need it. "Love Me Or Hate Me" Lil Wayne