GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefit-LaeannAmos-THE WOODS- JuicyJ ft JustinTimberlake | GetAtMe |

[Hook: Justin Timberlake]
When we go walking in the woods
Nobody can hear us
And you could be as freaky as you should
I love you at your weirdest
Unleash the animal, hear my mating call
I want you to be fearless
When we go walking in the woods
A natural experience
Go ahead...

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Hey baby let's fly away to a private place
So far away we get high and feel that we out of space
She keep looking back at it, we keep grinding like jack rabbits
All she want is this pipe, I turn her into a crack addict
Ain't nothing that a nigga can't afford
Louie, Gucci or Chanel, I'll buy the store
You and me on a new beach, sippin' champagne
Making love on a island resort
No need to pack luggage, hope on the jet like "fuck it"
I got everything you want and you need, I guarantee you'll love it
She the baddest woman you ever seen, she belong with King Magazine
You might seen her on a movie screen, she's so dope now I'm her fiend
Just thinking about her I don't need a buzz
We party hard, we don't need a club
Bring your passport we're making love in Persia on a Persian rug