GetAtMe-HereIsALookAt- WingzOnaPlane "ItsAboutToGetRealYaHeardMe" | GetAtMe |

When you first see WingzOnaPlane, you wonder “who is this guy?’   I mean you’ll see a cross between New Orleans and Atlanta.  Is it about the talent or the location?  The accent is definitely New Orleans but the style has adapted to an Southwest Atl feel.  Why because that what he’s been around.  Wingz, the Leevee Breach Artist is affliated with a southwest unit called Straightdrop Records and their influence is truly noticeable .  He is a hybrid of New Orleans talent and the Atl style.

In talking to Wingz here what he had to say “Man I’m a communicator and I just love to communicate.  I love for folks to understand my side.  I left New Orleans during the Katrina exodus and since being in Atlanta, I’ve really seen some things.  I just don’t want to entertain I want to communicate about issues.   I feel hip hop has lost the element of informing and educating about today’s issues.  I don’t mind going to a party but let’s not be blinded by what’s going on outside the party.

Wingz’ sound is sort of like Juvenile meets Lil Wayne.   He has a Lil Wayne sound ( well it’s really the New Orleans dialect) and the phrasing patterns of Juvenile blended together to make an interesting combination of style and dialect.  In a way it put him in his own category.  Wingz may soon become HipHops new griot. Check him out on soundcloud ; . 

WingzOnaPlane is definitely on a mission.

I’m Reggieredd and this has been a #GetAtMeHereIsALookAt