new single by Nino Taritino mixed up with some twerk action

This a special mix for Nino Tarintino's new single "Hannah Montanna".  

Man what I love is when indies like these guys get a win.  #LetsGo Here's the stats.

THE TRACK- 4($$$$) This track is hypnotic

THE PERFORMANCE- 4($$$$) Nino's style rides the track well

MUSCLE- 3($$$) The streets will deliver this

JUICE- 1($) radio will wait on the streets

TIMING- 3($$$) Couldn't be better.  Right when Miley decided to have a media growth spurt with her new single.

THE SONG- 4($$$$) I like this song because it's fun.  The clubs are gonna luv this one

TOTAL- 19PTS out of 30(C+ grade) Man C+ is a great start for an indie.  All they have to do now is do the work, find the fans and grind these streets.  Nino Tarintino #LetsGo