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This T Pain is hot.  I was sort of caught off with this, I really didn’t know what this was gonna be but I will tell you this, Its official.  Here’s the stats:

THE TRACK- 4($$$$) this track rides.  This is a T Pain track

THE PERFORMANCE- 3($$$) these guys did their thing.  They both rode the track

MUSCLE- 2($$) these guys are gonna need help in the streets.  The clubs might not be enough to bring this one in

JUICE- 2($$) radio will be reactive to this one.  Hurry up and wait

TIMING- 2($$) nothing special about this drop time.  I guess they’re hoping for traction 4th quarter (Christmas)

VIDEO- 1($) why do these guys put so much effort in doing these still videos by marketing groups as opposed to just doing a quick promo video.  This song needs a video and might get lost in the mix while they wait to get one,

LYRICS- 2($$) these lyrics were production filler.  But it works for this song.

THE SONG- 3($$$) I like this song.  It’s gonna be interesting to see if it can be around the second lap (you need to make 4 laps to be in rotation)

TOTAL- 19 PTS out of 40 pts (Grade C)  This song will really need the promotions wheel to be in motion.  Remember lap 1 is the streets, lap 2 clubs, lap 3 is radio and the final leg is sales.  Promotions will really have to deliver this song

I’m   ReggieRedd and This is a GetAtMeNewCutOnDeck