GetAtMe NewCutOnDeck “Know Bout Me” Timbaland ft Drake, JayZ & James Fauntleroy

Man I was looking for something different and lo and behold here comes Timberland.  I already knew I was going to like the beat (come on it’s Timbaland).   This beat is funky and working. Drake and Jay Z add to the spice and they came with a cut that works.  This one’ll a definitely make the mix tapes.  The streets and radio will do it’s thing and if radio does it’s thing the clubs will come on in.  Here’s the stats: 

THE TRACK: 4($$$$) this track is a producers track.  It’s very cinematic (an Exorcist’s feel)……

PERFORMANCE: 5($$$$) these guys rode this track.  Drake really rode this one out…..

MUSCLE: 3($$$) It’s mingling in the streets……

JUICE: 3($$$) radio gonna check this out…

BUZZ: 2($$) It’s just getting started…..

THE DIFFERENCE: 4($$$) this cut got loaded with Drake and Jay Z, but people are always checkin for Timbaland.  (This works in the stripclubs)

TOTAL: 17 pts out of 30pts (C+) This cut is still fresh.  We’ll see the score by MarketView, but I like this

I’m ReggieRedd and this one’s a GetAtMeInTheMix    


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