GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-TaneishLavaSimpson-"MyPotna" T.I. | GetAtMe |

You got a problem if you get it how you live pussy nigga
I ain’t flexin, it just is what it is pussy nigga
Get thrown, get shot, get killed pussy nigga
So what? You got all that money but you still a pussy nigga
You ain’t bout that life, you just be actin hard pussy nigga
Every I’m sucka duckin, tryna dodge pussy niggas
All we did was slidin crack and getting paid pussy nigga
Been the man ever since, first grade pussy nigga
Don’t believe me? See me , try me, see what happen pussy nigga
You be dissin, I be laughin ‘cause you just rappin pussy nigga
No matter what you’ll never be me pussy nigga
And see me no matter what, I’ll never be a pussy nigga

I play a lot of games but I ain’t playin, I ain’t playin
Done say a lot of things but they ain’t doin what they sayin
I don’t get it fucked up, them niggas scared not me
Hold up, let me tell these motherfuckers something bout me

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