GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-TahiryJose-  JaRule "FreshOutThePen" | GetAtMe |

Fresh out da pen, middle finger up, nigga
I don’t give a fuck and you know which I can suck
My deed just like bitches, hate on, you fuck niggas
Picture me roll in, the feds all in my business.

Cause I’m about to rhyme, I get it 
See murder, ain’t no limits
What I started out, I’m gonna finish
Choppers out, the windows tinted. 
… no witness, cause we ain’t leaving no witness
All my niggas … niggas don’t get it!
Made out motherfuckers, this is business!
Take your personal prescription
Motherfucker, I see business!
Cause I got the devil in me, and my evil is my genius
And those girls catching us …
Nigga sit tight in that prison!
You gonna have to come get me
And to get me means to kill me
If you kill me, niggas witness dying with me
Feel me?
Fuck the feds and whoever is listening
I know ya niggas watching,
But as long as I’m alive, who gonna stop me?
A nigga.. 
Ad the fucking niggas like it
But I guarantee you never met another nigga like me!
Not likely! I’m savage!
Ya niggas bitch big loudly
And girls, I eat pussy, pussy niggas stay for around me 
Cause nigga, I’m shoutin