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Morning show host/Producer/Mixer/imaging and over all BADD A*S!!

Birthday: 8/23

Status: Married with children

From: San Antonio (kinda)

Favorite Artists: Slick Rick, Lauryn Hill, Biggie

Favorite Album: The Adventures of Slick Rick

Favorite Movies: Wild Style, Goonies, Blade, Outer World

Favorite Food: I'll take one of everything!!

Strange Habits: I don't know... Pretty much everything I do is strange.

Best Memory: The day I decided to get hitched to the wifey. Oh, and yesterday she made toast. That was a pretty good one too.

Motto: There's always someone dumber than you.

How I got started in Radio: I couldn't cut it in the adult movie buisness.

What I would do if I wasn't in Radio:  Hold up a "Why lie - I need beer" sign.

How much had I had to drink today: Not enough!

Final thoughts: I wonder how long I can go without changing my socks.

SERIOUS NOTES: Xavier started out as a mobile DJ  who went by the name The Freaking Puerto Rican. During his stay at another gig another DJ shortened his name to Freakin' Rican and it has stuck ever since. Da Freakin' Rican has been annoying listeners for over nine years, and he has done every shift from overnights to mornings. And it seems mornings is the only shift where he can get away with having morning breath while at work. His life revolves around this lifestyle we call hip-hop. And his constant drive for success is fueled by his wife, his responsibility as a father and his pure love for radio.