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You know months ago (not blowing my own horn) a rapper put  a song on twitter Nino Tarintino “HannahMontanna”.  A retailer told me one day at his store that this rapper had the next big song “HannahMontanna” so I listened to the song (I also realized That a group The Migos also had a “Hannah Montanna” song).  So since Nino Taintino had no video we decided to make Nino’s “Hannah Montanna” into a video.  I chose to make it a twerk video (check the timelime uploaded July 8 2013) .  The next thing we know Miley’s has a new song where she’s twerking “We Can’t Stop” .    Suddenly Hannah Montanna or Myley Cyrus was trending in hiphop (#WhoWouldHaveThought).  Now seeing this “Wrecking Ball” video, I realized that this young lady has her eyes on being the next real pop icon and she’s taking no prisoners (#ForReal).  She’s being daring and she going after the media swinging left and right (please don’t forget, this girl slaughtered Disney in an online war.  I mean Mickey really took one on the chin when they went after her.  She is no punk with this media shit.)  Today’s fame comes and goes so quick that if you do not make a hole (like a “Wrecking Ball”) in the media fabric and plant your flag on that hole, well 6 months from now you’re yesterday’s story (ask Flava Flav).  In the entertainment and media business attention currency create opportunities and interest.  If you’re on their mind, you win (that’s good or bad).  I  mean in a couple of swoops with her media sword, she grabbed all the attention.  I mean from ET to CNN it’s Miley.  Here’s the stats

THE TRACK- 5($$$$$) Man this track has so much landscape.  It really frames the song…..

 THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) Miley is really growing.  This is a true Rock SuperBallad in line with Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, White Snake and any of the Mega RockStars.  Here’s what’s crazy, this song is still written with the parts that make hit country songs great.  She has not abandoned her foundation in making hits. (great story, love and pain, redemption.  Man I know Pink and Rihanna are going “damn that’s my shit”.  Both would have killed on this song.)

MUSCLE- 5($$$$$) Miley is giving an online class in product push.  The buzz is massive.  I mean 28 million legit views in a day is validation (#IMeanReally)

JUICE- ($$$$$) Radio will love this song.  CHR is already gonna beg Miley to collab with Creed (#LOL)

TIMING- 5($$$$$) I mean man I have never seen a song in such a well played position play.

LYRICS- 5($$$$$) These are great lyrics as I said before.  Country artist have great lyrics and great songs.  But Miley is a PopStar (She’s made that clear).  This is really strong work.

TOTAL- 30pts out of 30pts( A+ grade).  Now this is a true hit with all the tools to do whatever it wants.  This is a great song.  I’m ReggieRedd and #ItsAHit #GetAtMeGogetter (A+).