GetAtMe-FriendWithBenefits-NyaLee-RickRoss ft Future "NoGames" | GetAtMe |

Kilo in the kitchen, pussy niggas merry christmas
Bitches taking pictures cause we keep on getting richer
Say a nigga name you know you fucking with them killers
Walking through the club only salute the real niggas
Ain't no bottles on your table, pussy boy go get your wallet
Hoes don’t credit pussy so you can’t pay her tomorrow
Bitch just bought a house she can't afford to run her mouth
[?] I run the game, not just the South
Bow down to the biggest, Belaire I be spilling
Counting all this paper, no games with these pussy niggas
Double M, we poppin', shoppin' buying new clothes
Heard your shit keep flopping and your crib got foreclosed