Ariana Grande - "Baby I" on iTunes:


Who is Ariana Grande?  The person whose got the second top selling online single in the country (68,883 units sold a day. Wow).  I thought sales were down #IJS.

What you are about to witness is the new music machine in motion blowing up this 20 year old sensation (right on the tale of the group One Direction).  This young lady may well be the new Mariah Carey.  She’s definitely on her way to becoming the next Nickelodeon star to grow into adult stardom.  You may know her as Cat Valentine but She’s now about to known as Ariana Grande.  Here’s the stats

THE TRACK- 5($$$$$) man this production is off da chain.  It’s been a long time since we’ve heard good music and good playing

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) yall know I don’t give out these 5’s easily so you know I gotta like this girl.  She is the next Mariah (??? Why isn’t Interscope doing this for Jessica Sanchez #IJS)

MUSCLE- 4($$$$) this campaign is in motion and getting momentum.  The online movement is crazy. (She like Jessica Sanchez is one of these YouTube babies.  What’s up Interscope? #WTF)

JUICE- 4($$$$) churban radio is going to blow this girl up.  The cut she did with Mac Miller already (Baby I Love the way) has already also gotten traction.

TIMING- 4($$$$) they are going to ride this girl right back into the school years with these songs.  12-17 females and 18-24 females (the dominant advertising target) are gonna eat this girl up (don’t be surprised to see her doing Target and Old Navy spots soon #IJS)

VIDEO- 3($$$) they need a video but the song is so good that the intro vid with the flyer is cool right now (get that video)

LYRICS- 4($$$$) this song is written well.  This is a great song.

THE SONG- 5($$$$$) I’ve already said I love this song (boy the playing on this is crazy.  That bass part is sick)

TOTAL-34PTS (WOW) out of 40 (grade A).

This is a great grade for a new artist coming out ( and now yall can see how a fully operational DeathStar performs #ICouldntResist).  This is a great new artist with a great new song and the sales are already tumbling in. 

I’m ReggieRedd and Ariana Grande is a #GetAtMe #GoGetter.