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GetAtMe RealTalk  If I had a dollar for………


This entertainment thing is something else.  I mean it’s egos on Red Bull at a hundred miles an hour (really folks be speeding).  So I can understand that sometimes folks need to approach with caution.  But man if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone who was supposedly helping someone give them bad info, well I’d be rich.

The entertainment entrepreneur is part dreamer and part attention whore (many will say no they’re not but trust me on this one).  One of the primary reason we have as many problem in the industry today is because of egos.  Many times someone in the business will portray their experience as law.  Trust this statement because it’s true.  Sometimes many of these entertainment execs are frustrated entertainers who wound up having to make others stars and sometimes they unconsciously give people bad info to maintain their power.

Here’s an example (the names have been changed to protect the guilty).  I have a friend who is a really great guy that wants to rap.  He’s also an entrepreneur.  He’s made a little money and now that he wants to be in this industry many are giving him bad info to feed his ego and get his money (I’m not going to do that, that’s just not me).  I constantly inform him, man when you get a hit, get at me and you’re my dude, I got you.  Now some of the folks he’s dealt with have tried to get me to work for free.  Now I don’t believe in crazy prices because I know the number it takes to make a hit and quite frankly many independents artist are not going to have it (so why ask).  Many people I will throw them a solid but once I realize that the solids not going to be thrown back, I go on my merry way.  Many may feel that since I didn’t want to support their fantasy (for free), I was tripping.  My thought on this, they’ll be alright.  Some of them really had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I was cool and what I did, was on the strength.  Many have asked me how are you making any money (which really is none of their business).  I tell them I’m fine with my price and keep it moving.  They don’t realize that I don’t do this for the money.  I really just love a hit song.  I love to find pure hits and I have no intentions of taking a dollar from someone I don’t believe in.  I’m not that pressed.  Sometime people take this as I don’t believe in them when it’s really simply I may not believe in their method.

When people in this industry don’t get what they want, then suddenly it’s like these same folks who wanted something free and couldn’t pay feel like anyone who didn’t support them is on some bullshit.

Back to my friend. Now because he my friend, I could give a shit whether his product is good or not, I’m in his corner.  I will never tell a client their product is bad (that’s not my place, that’s the fans place).  What I will do is if I feel one of my friends product is not up to par, I’ll go find a hit (why because they’re my friends and really the only thing real industry folks are concerned with is finding a hit.  If you got a hit and some chemistry, the  industry will take care of you.  This is when the experts (beat makers, managers, novice writers and wanna be promoters will steping with their 2 cents and usually their not even close to a solution.  All they really have usually is an opinion.  A hit with the fans should be the only opinion that matters to you or real industry person.

Fans and a hit are the keys that grabs the real players attention.  Not somebodies cousin Fred who’s trying to be a manager.

Get you a hit that your fans will buy (not just like or share) and trust me, the rest will take care of itself.

I’mm ReggieRedd and this is RealTalk.