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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe: FriendsWithBenefits- JasmineAdams- "Somebody Else" Mario ft Nicki Minaj

GetAtMe: FriendsWithBenefits- JasmineAdams- "Somebody Else" Mario ft Nicki Minaj | GetAtMe |

[Verses 1: MarioAnnotate]
I never saw the day coming
That you would ever wanna leave me
Baby, you told me no matter what
Your heart would always be for me
Always be for me

[Bridge: Mari]
Now I’m alone, said she wanna be gone, yeah
I don’t really like it, but I gotta take it
Damn, damn, damn, girl
When you coming back?
So you never coming back? Yeah
I don’t believe that
But right now I gotta accept the fact

[Hook: Mario]
You left me for somebody else now
I wish I never loved ya
You left me, baby you left me
Girl I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you
You left me for somebody else girl
Girl I wish I never met you
You left me, baby you left me
Cause I would never be alone

Reginald Shipman's insight:

Man Jasmine is that Chick on deck follow her @jazzybaby03 and on instagram at jazzybaby03 and also my favorite server @TwinPeaksAtl at Towerplace.  Go check her out.


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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe:NewSongOnDeck-Mario Bennett-"Somebody Else" ft Nicki Minaj

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Produced By Polow Da Don

First off I love this intro (reminds me of a Chaka Kahn song).  This song has a powerful beat and it's unique.  i hope radio give this song a listen. Great midday song.  The label need to believe in this one (I love that sample"Girl").  Nicki did her thing on this but this story will need a great video to bring this home,  here's the stats

Review Stats:

The track- 4($$$$), The Performance- 3($$$), Muscle- 2($$), Juice- 2($$), Timing- 2($$), The Song- 2($$)

total 15 pts out of 30 pts (C-)


I like this song but I'm afraid it might get lost in the shuffle.  Its summer and folkes are partying so these type of songs fly under the radar.  The track is the best thing about this song.  It's hot and different.  the performances are cool but Mario is sometimes overshadowed by that great "Girl" sample.  The muscle on this song is low because this ain't a street song but its cool.  Radio will have to deliver this song (we'll see).  It's summer and this is a better 1st quarter song (Jan-Mar).  The label should have dropped it with the big dogs in Feb at least.  The song itself is cool.  So Dj's what's up with somebody else?

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