Linkin Park Ft Pusha T “I’ll Be Gone”

Now  this thing here…..OOOH Weee.   Pusha T and Linkin Park, Man man man.  This cut is hard (all they need is Miley, Em or Lil Wayne on the remix.)  this thing is going in.  Here’s the stats:

THE TRACK- 5($$$$$) weird track but this works…….

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) this blend was magical.  Pusha T really brought it with this one……

MUSCLE- 3($$$) the colleges are gonna love this……..

JUICE- 3($$$) man if churban radio gets this one its gone..(hint , hint)

LYRICS- 4($$$$) Pusha T was sick on this…….For real he got down

BUZZ- 2($$) this one’s gonna be a slow burn but when it kicks in.. Oh yeah…..

TOTAL- 22pts out of 30 pts (grade B)  Man I love it when I come across one like this one..  This cut get’s it in…..

I’m ReggieRedd and this is a GetAtMeInRotation


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