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Man entertainment has always been filled with shady characters, thieving managers and power hungrey execs.  That's what makes it entertaining.  Mona Scott, "you got some plaining to do".

Mona Scott has been hit with a huge 50 Million dollar lawsuit that claims that she and VH1 stole the show from another companies pitch ( why is this not a surprise?). 

8th Wonder Entertainment (Nikki Lum Davis and Trisha Luv) created a pitch for a show called Hip Hop Wive with Mona Scott and Krissy Lambert involved.  Swizz Beats ex Mashonda, Irv Gotti's ex Debbie Lorenzo and DMX's ex (poor thing) Tashera Simmons (like she hasn't been through enough already) were put together in a show where the cameras would follow them in their day to day as mates of HipHop stars (does this sound familiar ?).  Yo I read the complaint (a fine piece of reading if I do say so myself) and Mona "You got some plaining to do".

  The idea that these individuals, Mona, VH1 and an assorted cast of badguys would just jack this show and throw these ladies the dueces is hilarious (also arrogant).  Mona "It ain't looking good."

Now Mona (to be fair) has created her own set of enemies and these enemies (black women who think Mona makes black women look bad) will do anything in their power to destabilize "LoveAndHipHop".(they hate it). No one knows what happened in the VH1 meetings (usually in cases like this someone wanted to much money (maybe) or someone got on somebody that matters nerve (quite possibly).  No one know but the people in the meeting. 

So let's hope Mona and her crew didn't make a 50 million dollar mistake or for real, "ThereAintNoLoveInHipHop"