Young Jeezy - Knob Broke CTE Music (It's tha World) - Jahlil Beats production Video Edited by DJ Banky, BankyTV Roughmixx


No matter what anyone feels about Jeezy, one things for sure.  When this guy hears a great song, he delivers a great song.  "Knob Broke" has all the elements that all Jeezy hits have. They're timely, mekodic and impactive.  Jeezy songs deliver the moment


*The track-  5($$$$$)  This track is beast.  As in all Jeezy tracks, they're all very cinematic and it's almost like while you're listening you're right there in a scene from the Wire and you and Avon are riding through the trap( hold up, I got caught up LMBO) you get the idea.


*The Performance- 5($$$$$)  Jeezy will be Jeezy and this is definately a Jeezzy track.


* Muscle- 4($$$$) The muscle will be behind this cut but the streets will deliver this track on it's own.  the streets love this track.


* Juice-  4($$$$$)  Now Jeezy has the Juice to do anything he wants with a song. Radio, clubs and the streets are always in a I can't wait mode when it comes to Jeezy.


* Timing- 3($$$)  Jeezy  is just crusing along right now and this cut is like a backend to help drive the album.  You really want a song this strong to drive album sales.


* The Song- 4($$$$)   This is a great song. it has great energy and great movement.  It's a chant that easily get's the crowed up.


Total 25 points out of 30


Summary:  This is a good song and it gets the top ratings this week for the show at 25 points.


1. Jeezy "Knob Broke"- 25

2. Juicy J "Show Out"- 24

3. Tion Phipps "Brand new Me"- 22

4. Wankaego "Work Hard"- 21

5. Jessica sanchez "Hater Luv"- 21

6. Tex James "Drop"- 19

7. Lil Perfekt "99 Cents"-.18

8. WingzOnaPlane "Put You On The Team"- 17

9. Azealia Banks "L8R"- 16

10. Tahiry "Devil"- 14