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Man I just got through watching “Crazy Sexy Cool.”  This was a touching walk down memory lane about TLC.  The CrazySexyCool group.  The movie was good and it just reminded us of how crazy this music business can be. (for the record.  If Pebbles hadn’t done what she did to TLC, then there would have been no TLC.  Pebbles didn’t take all that money, believe that and if certain folks weren’t in a position to get that money then TLC would not have been).  You see the music business is a funny business.  At that time we had indies in Atlanta who not only broke records but also they made money.  This was a time when Rahiem The Dream, Tag Team, A-Town Players, MC Breed, Magic Mike, 2 Live Crew (now that’s a movie waiting to happen) and numerous Southern indie artist that were not only selling records, but they were making money.  TLC decided that they wanted to get in the cut line and quite frankly anyone who has ever paid the cut line price to get in a popular club knows that’s expensive.  My point is, if those ladies would have lawyered up in the beginning of this process, this show would have been call BLAQUE (CrazySexyCool) instead (BLAQUE was another girl group out of Atlanta.).  My point being life is weird.  It would have been nice if these people would have been cool, but I know a lot of cool unsuccessful music folks (that list is long).  These girls were given the highest exposure possible and that exposure cost (now the elephants out of the room).  What’s funny is how easy it was for them to remember all of the bad that people did but they could not remember Ian Burke.  He was the guy who put the group together and he was the guy that took them to Pebbles (oh now I see what went wrong, It’s all Ian’s fault.  Yeah right).

Ian Burke has had his hand in the development of numorous Atlanta hit artist.  Let’s see TLC. Xscape, Outkast, Arrested Development, India Airie and the list goes on.  So it would seem that a key point to any biopic would be the guy who put the group together.

Now I don’t know why he was excluded (maybe Pebbles told them to get rid of Ian like she told them to get rid of Krystal #IJS.), but what I do know is there was someone who put in just as much work and creativity to bring this group to light and he was basically left out of the story.  So Ian, this one’s for you and all of the other managers and sponsors who artist forgot on there way to the top (maybe Pebbles said Ian took all the money #LOL) but they sure don’t forget who they felt screwed them.

TLC is an icon as a group.  They seem to be some very nice ladies.  I’ve known execs like Pebbles and LA but what the artist never really figures in is the cutline cost.  Lisa knew the cutline cost and maybe that’s why she was bucking so much.  Come on she was dating an NFL professional star.  You don’t think that conversation came up between Lisa, Andre and Andre’s agent.  You bet it did when that house burned down.  So Lisa had found her way to people who had different perspective of money and payouts.  I mean think about it.  You’re millionaire football player who’s dating one of the biggest stars on the planet and she’s broke.  That might be a problem ( I’m sure his agent brought that to his attention).

So let’s make it clear.  In all of this tragedy entitled Crazy Sexy Cool The TLC Story.  Just be mindful, if Clive and his crew or whoever got that money didn’t take that money, then there probably would have never been a TLC.  If Ian Burke had not worked and got them to Pebbles, the there probably would have not been a TLC.  If it would have not been for the situations that happened to  them (guess what?) no TLC.

As a fans and I’m sure other fans concur, I’m glad they made it through the storm.  Yo ladies, give Ian his props (that goes for you to Ms Burris and Ms Harris from Xscape)

I’m ReggieRedd and this was #RealTalk