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This cut is cool (streets & Mixtapes). This song is for cool Jay Z fans (the Justin Timberlake combo was smart #WhatsUpChurbanRadio #LMAO).  Sometimes when you've been on top for so long, you're expected to hit a homerun everytime.  Jay is in this position.  We should just appreciate that this is a good song.  Here the stats

THE TRACK- 4($$$$) very intricate.  This beat is an attempt to be different and current (Ok).  Jay & Justin carries the track(I like the "warning" sample underneath).

THE PERFORMANCE- 4($$$$) Jay & Justin make's this track work

MUSCLE- 3($$$) Its going to interesting to see what the streets do with this.  Dance or think, hmmmm........

JUICE- 3($$$) Also radio's reaction is going to be intersting.  Does this song really fit anyones format?  Radio will still play this also.

TIMING- 3($$$) is there a bad time for Jay?

LYRICS- 4($$$$) These lyrics work.  If you really take these lyrics apart you'll see

THE SONG- 3($$$) This song was cool and le's just see whether cool will be enough for a new generation of Jay Z fans.

TOTAL- 24PTS out of 35PTS (grade B)  This song is already out the blocks in online sales (#3 at 23,340 unit a day on the down load charts), at the end of the day, fan sales are the final critic.