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The Emergence of Hip Pop

Miley Cyrus, Eminem, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Macklemore & Lewis, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole.  What do all of these artist have in common?  They have emerged as the leaders HIP POP.  What is Hip Pop but the true growth of hip hop into another genre.  At times hip hop ranted that it was an insular community where only the truly hip hop heads belonged.  That’s cool, the revenge of the backpackers.  But while hip hop was building a wall from the world mass market, hip pop was building a ladder for new music buyers to come over the wall and take a look.  And boy now those new buyers are coming over the wall in droves.

It was easy to invalidate hip pop before.  Vanilla Ice, WTF, was the usual response from the hip hop heads.  Eminem broke barriers.  I mean no one could deny his presence or talent.  The Beastie Boys hip hop embraced because they were in the stable of hip hops founding institution Def Jam.  Limp Bizket was the wall developing foundation but they were really looked at as a rock group (the ultimate penetration tool).   Then along came a little girl who had web savvy and was bored and she decided that she and her friends would rap and shoot videos of themselves hanging with their crew (which happened to have kids of all cultures.  You just had to be cool.)  That was Kreayshawn with her cut “Gucci”.  Hip Hop roared that this abomination called Kreayshawn must be burned at the stake (actually the hip hop artist were mad that Sony gave Kreayshawn a million dollars advance.  Talk about hating.)  Rick Ross and other rappers lined up to tell all who would hear “This is some bullshit”, and then it was at that moment HIP POP was born.  Certain artist realized that hip hop wanted their money but not their participation (That’s fucked up).  So they set off to create their own genre and thus the birth of HIP POP was conceived.  Macklemore & Lewis raped the online sales a now Ms Cyrus will not only feed off of the new market (over 50,000 online buys in one week on “Wrecking Ball” and over 180 million views (overall) on youtube.  Numbers that will make any corporate old guy salivate  #YesYesYes.)

Now Rhianna and Nicki Minaj say whoa, we set all this up.  Yes ladies you did (the explorers get the arrows but the settlers get the land), but these artist claimed it because hip hop said they didn’t want these guys in their neighborhood ( Juicy J said “shiiiit, I’ll rap for whoevers winning.”  Wise choice MR J.

I’m ReggieRedd and this was #RealTalk