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Man as yall know, I love a great song but as much as I love a great song I also love great fans.  At the end of the day there is nothing better than having fans that love you for all the right reasons.

Somewhere along the way hip hop became the WWE.  We developed acts that really weren't that talented and promoted song that really weren't good.  We lowered the bar for entertaiment and for that I today am offering my apologies to the fans.  #RealfansBuyFakeFansFlex

I have many friends who decide in one way or the other to come into the world of entreprenuership.  I'm guilty, I'll support them even if the product iffy.  Why, because I'm a fan of all my friends.  Now I don't hold everyone to my code (this is just my code) but i do have to question people sometimes when they bring their products to me as to why their friend are not their biggest fans (hmmmmm).  I think we have a mystery.

The bottomline, make your product so competitive that your closest friends will be the sneezers the spread your product to their friends.  The center of most fan basis is usually your inner circle of friend being your core fans

The entertaiment business is about fans and your ability as a performer to get them to engage.  Real fans you don't have to work that hard to get them to engage, fake fans usually want you to pay them for them to engage (yea I know, some of these flexfans got life f*ckup).  So make sure that you target your resources and time into fan that appreciates and support you.

Remember, #RealFansBuyFakeFansFlex