Now this is the Mimi we know and love.  I like this cut.  It’s a simple cut but the impact is nice.  What I really like about this cut is that it’s selling (some of ya’ll really need to take note of this).  It’s already up to 4123 single sales online for this week.  That’s right limited airplay (if any), no video, just YouTube (and the YouTube kids doing the accapella youtube vids).  You see, sales are the final judge and jury in this business.  Mariah has a great song, check it out..  Here’s the MarketView:

STREETS- 3($$$) right now the buzz is the kids making accapella videos (probably the best indicator of a potential hit)……

MIXTAPE- 2($$) this one will be on the R&B mixes

CLUBS- 2($$) An EDM mix will blow this thing out….

RADIO- 4($$$$) radio should love this one but it will have to prove itself (especially to Urban Radio Where’s Steve Harvey on this one….

BUZZ- 3($$$) this score comes from the over 4000 single sold this week.  That’s the real buzz for me….

TOTAL- 14pts out of 25 pts( grade C+)  Don’t be fooled by this grade, I love this song (and the fans will also).  This song is a hit.  In today’s market path although it will have to climb on it’s own but it can make moves that matter. 

I’m ReggieRedd and this one is a GetAtMeInTheMix


The official lyric video for Mariah Carey's 'the art of letting go' november 2013 song release.