GetAtMeQuickView Futre “How It Was”

Man I plan to get way out ahead of this one (I’m sorry Future but this one’s a hit and I gotta do it).  On the Grand Theft Auto 5 game, Future drooped this one on there and now it’s blowing up on the net ( 19 downloads in one day on Soundcloud out of 21 views.  That almost 83% download rate.  Unbelievable).  That this one is on the GTA% game is even more remarkable because it isn’t even a release.  The market has spoken.  Here’s the stats

THE TRACK- 4($$$$) this thing is so cinematic ( I guess that’s why it’s in the game #LSMH)…..

THE PERFORMANCE- 4($$$$) I like Future’s performance on this one better than any.  This one is really in pocket…

MUSCLE- 3($$$) Since this is a song on the game I really don’t believe they were planning to try to sell it, but the way the web is downloading it it might break on it’s on…..

JUICE- 2($$) radio has no idea about this record but when they catch up, this one will blow….

LYRICS- 3($$$) It’s Future so you get what you get but these lyrics rides with this one ……

BUZZ- 3($$$) this one’s creeping on the web.  Sites like HotNewHipHop is on it and the response has been really great.  #ItsACreeper

TOTAL- 19pts out of 30 (19 grade B-)  that’s crazy this song has a B- grade and it not even a release.  Now that’s strong.

I’m ReggieRedd and this one is a #GetAtMeInRotation 


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