From the Mixtape that has all the women Twerking!!!!! Another banger produced by Mr. Hanky!!!!! Download "Lookin For The Twerkers" today!!!


Alright Tex James is a surprise.  This cat is a comer.  This song "Drop" is a club banger and that's why it made the GetAtMe TopTenCountDown.


* The Track- 4($$$$) Using the Luke hook was cool but this beat rides on it's own.  This is a club jumpoff so the clubs gotta bring it home.


*The Performance- 4($$$$)  Tex James gave us his classic version of call and response.  This song is meant to move the crowd so the message  is sort of  "Get On The Floor".


*Muscle- 3($$$)  Tex seems to move in the right circles (Mr Colipark and he's on the air on a station in his market) but you know my mantra.  "It's not a hit until it's selling"


*Juice- 2($$)  Coming off "I Need A Smart Girl With A Dumb Booty" success it would seem that the momentum should be in place, but this is a new song and it will have to prove itself in the market.


* Timing- 3($$$)- Like I said, he just came off a hit so this song success will depend on the fan bonds he made from the last song.  This song was made for the clubs.


*The Song-  3($$$) I gave this song a 3 because that it.  It's just a club song.  Mr Colipark is and will always be a DJ/producer.  He makes dance and club beats.  Tex has to the tone to do more than that (real talk).  So the song is great for the clubs, but it's going to have to navigate in the streets online and radio also


Summary-  I like Tex James, good look, great tone and good songs.  Now it will but up to his fanbase to decide his future.  tex hit 3rd on the list behind Tion Phipps (Boy this dude can sing) and Wankaego ( that chick)


Total- 19 out of 30


1. Tion Phipps "Brand New Me"- 22

2.  Wankaego "work Hard"- 21

3.  Tex James "Drop"- 19

4.  Lil Perfekt "99 Cents"- 18

5.  WingzOnaPlane "Put You On The Team"- 17

6.  Azealia banks "L8R"- 16

7.  Tahiry "Devil"-  14.