GetAtMe-FriendsWithBenefits-Dollicia Bryan-Future "HowItWas: | GetAtMe |

Hit the block and sell drugs
That's exactly how it was
Take the Sprite and take the codeine and I pour me up a cup
Get the molly, drink of mud and smoke some bud, that's how it was
Last night we made a movie I'mma tell you how it was
How it was, nigga how it was
How it was, bitch how it was
How it was, nigga how it was
How it was, I'mma tell you how it was

[Verse 1: Future]
Whippin', whippin', whippin',
Whippin', whippin', whippin', whippin' it
Flippin', flippin', flippin',
Flippin', flippin', flippin', flippin' it
I was self motivated, I was self driven
I got my determination now I'm really winnin'
We could pull up Maseratis, I done whipped the Benzes
I was handin' thousands out when I go shop at Lenox
When it come to stackin' cash up it ain't no limit
I got racks on top of racks and I ain't talking tennis
It's some girls that's gone wild I like to see them kissing
It's some niggas playing foul and they sneak dissing
I won't let her hold me back to complete my mission
It ain't easy when you try to make it out the trenches