DJ Khaled “Never Surrender”

Now this one’s hot.  DJ Khaled brought together an Allstar cast to really put one down.  Where else you gonna find Scarface, John Legend, Jadakis, Anthony Hamilton, Meek Mill and Akon on one song.  The great thing about this song is that this is a great song (damn Jadakis & Scarface really brought it in this one. “That niggger Jay’ll hawk you,  he don’t even play for Kansas”).  Here’s the stats.


MIXTAPES- 4($$$$) Yall go on and put it in rotation…..

CLUBS- (333) this ain’t a clubber but club DJ’s will appreciate it..

RADIO- 3($$$) radio will play this one based on the market.  If the fan want it , radio will deliver.

BUZZ- 2($$)  Worldstar jumped this off so we’ll see if it gets up the ladder…..

TOTAL- 16 pts out of 25 pts (grade B-)  this is a good song just early.  If this song can wade through radio might deliver it but in this atmosphere where a hit can show up any day, you can never tell.

I’m ReggieRedd and this one is a GetAtMeInRotation


Dj Khaled - Never Surrender (Feat. Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Akon, John Legend & Anthony Hamilton) Dj Khaled - Never Surrender Official Video Dj Khaled ...