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DJDrama -4What-"Turn Down 4 What" #GetAtMe........

DJDrama -4What-"Turn Down 4 What" #GetAtMe........ | GetAtMe |
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Scooped by Reginald Shipman!

GetAtMe:NewCutOnDeck-"4What"-DJDrama ft Jeezy, YoGotti, JuicyJ produced by Drumma Boy

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DJ Drama has a banger.  Jeezy, Yo Gotti & Juicy J bring the heat with street anthem “TurnDownForWhat”(now we using hashtags for title LMAO).  Hashtags aside, this a good song and it should something in these streets.  #HeresTheStats….

THE TRACK- 5($$$$$) Oh yeah produced by Drumma Boy its a banger……

THE PERFORMANCE- 5($$$$$) come on it’s Jeezy, Yo Gotti & Juicy J, what do you expect……..

MUSCLE- 4($$$$) these three along with Drama’s brand make this a gimmie in these streets…….

JUICE- 2($$) radio will wait on this.  The mixshow jocks will have to make the intro for this one……

TIMING- 3($$$) Juicy J is on such a roll and that will add momentum for this one.  Yo Gotti and Jeezy, there’s no bad time……………

VIDEO-1($) only a flyer video, yall know how I feel about that #GottaSeeIt………….

LYRICS- 4($$$$) this super friends of southern rap all bring their magic to this…………

THE SONG- 4($$$$) I like this cut but it still will have to fight through the summer glut of music.  This would be a great tour together of maybe 10-20 shows……..

TOTAL- 28pts out of 40 (grade B) this is cool song, when the video shows up it will give this song some air support.  Let’s hope it don’t burn out in the streets before it can catch momentum with a video.

I’m ReggieRedd and this is a #GetAtMeBanger

Collad-o's curator insight, December 4, 2013 12:24 PM

I definately have respect for these artist  and definately think they are working i think they should also definately go on tour for more support 

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GetAtMe:FriendsWithBenefits-JessicaKylie-"4What" DJDrama ft Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and Juicy J- Produced By Drumma Boy

GetAtMe:FriendsWithBenefits-JessicaKylie-"4What" DJDrama ft Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and Juicy J- Produced By Drumma Boy | GetAtMe |

{Drumma Boy} {*echoe)

[Intro: Young Jeezy]
DJ Drama, what it do my G?
+It's The World+ nigga (DJ DRAMA~!!)
We running the summer
I swear the night is starting to feel just like the night before
You know I'm on 80 all acting a fool-io
We putting sparkles on them bottles make them move the ho
My name is Young and I don't club without that tool-io

[Young Jeezy]
I say, step up in this bitch (bitch), you know I got my weapon (Young!)
This ain't a gym class, why is everybody sweatin' (Haha)
Yeah I send them hoes some bottles, man them bitches looking thirsty (thirsty)
My checks are for the +rim+, I'm in this bitch, I'm looking birdie (daaamn)
You know the coupe is bloody murder, the coupe is bloody murder (AY!)
Yeah that motherfucker black, let's all pour color purple (That's right)
34 squares so that 1200 a circle
Do them numbers in his head, swear that nigga smart as Urkel (Yeah ho)
Mirror, mirror, should I kill them, gourmet to the Tims (Yeah ho)
400 for this four door, and it ain't got no rims (yeeeah)
Tell my waitress keep them bottles coming - I'm drinking like a fish
When those sparklers pass your table, all you bitches make a wish

[Hook: Young Jeezy]
H-H-H-H-How much liquor it gonna take to get it crackin' in this bitch
Look I came to get it in now why you actin' this bitch
Turn down for what?
Turn down for what?
J-J-J-J-Just let me know give me the word I get it cracking in this ho
And I'm about to show out - you know it's packed up in this ho
Turn down for what?
Turn down for what?

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GetAtMe: GoGetta-DJ Drama - So Many Girls ft. Tyga, Wale, Roscoe Dash

Music video by DJ Drama performing So Many Girls. 2013 Entertainment One U.S., LP

DJ Drama has good song with a hot crew on the song.  We got Wale. Tyga and Roscoe Dash.  This is definately a GetAtMecrew.  The beat ls cool and the performance gets it done.  DJ Dramas muscle will be tested on this song.  His muscle is in the street and not radio and this is a radio song.  If juice is applied correctly this song will have impact.  The timing is cool and the song is cool.  I like this cut so lets see.\







Total 18 ponits out of 30 

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